Saving money is great, and we love to help people do it – that’s why we try to make it as simple as possible and offer regularly-reviewed, competitive rates.

There are some fantastic ways to save with us!  We can help you save for anything – whether it’s a special event, a holiday, back-to-school buys or just for a rainy day.

We have ISA accounts, Junior Saver’s Accounts and a Regular Access Account so you can save in lots of different ways and from any age!

If you entrust North London Credit Union with your money, you can be sure that we take this very seriously, including the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


As a not-for-profit community orientated lender it is always our intention to try and offer you the lowest cost possible when lending is concerned.

We place affordability and fairness at the heart of every lending decision.

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